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 Tuesday, December 31, 2013 

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  • The Nineteenth Annual Brooklyn Bridge Walk Into the New Year

  • Can we simply show up and pay cash?

    Yes. We will not turn away your money!

  • Do you have spaces available?

    We have 250 spaces; 180 have been paid; 10reservations have been made; 60 spaces are available.
  • Tour in Spanish

    Spanish-speaking tour at 11:00 PM

  • How large will the groups be?

    You will have a small group experience. We have ten guides for an estimated audience of 200 so that the average group will be 20 or 25 per guide.

  • When will you do the walk?

    We will do multiple walks between 10:15 PM and 11:15 PM. As soon as we have about 25 people in a group, we will launch that group.

  • Please pay here on line for adults

    Fee for Adults: $50 cash on the spot. We welcome walk-ins.
  • Please pay here on line for children

    Fees for children (ages 8 to 18; children under 8 free): $25 cash on the spot. We welcome walk-ins.
  • Why take us?

    Because you will truly have a wonderful time!

    New York's best tour guides will lead you around the City Hall area and the Brooklyn Bridge to learn little known facts about the 19th century's greatest technical marvel.

    Multiple tours will be started between 10:15 and 11:15 PM

    Free prizes -- tee-shirts, postcards and other gifts included to the first 200 that show up whether you prepay by credit card or pay cash on the spot.

    Party and play on the Brooklyn Bridge.

    If history repeats itself, fireworks will be visible from Central Park, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey as well as the Empire State Building light show.

    On-site Registration begins at 9:45 PM for those that have prepaid or wish to pay on the spot.

    Meeting Place: is in front of McDonald's, 160 Broadway between Cortlandt and Liberty Streets.

    This is one block away from our old location on Park Row opposite City Hall Park in Manhattan.

    We have the best value to celebrate the New Year! -- for adults and the whole family -- see above prices.

    We will cut off credit card sales at 6 PM, December 31. Cash will then be cheerfully accepted on the spot.

    We have plenty of spaces available!

  • FAQ

    Here are the answers to a few common questions.

    1. Will the Brooklyn Bridge be too crowded?

      In the heyday of walking, 5,000 to 20,000 people would walk over the bridge within an hour. This is nothing compared to about a 1,000 people that will be on the bridge for New Year's Eve or the 300,000 automobiles that use the bridge every day. On September 11, 2013 the Brooklyn Bridge handled the most people it ever handled exceeding the more than 250,000 that crossed the bridge in celebration of Columbus Day 1892.

    2. Is the tour family-friendly?

      The tour is family friendly.

      We welcome families of all kinds, blended, tradition and non-traditional, all sizes, and all ages.

    3. Is there a charge for babies and baby-strollers? No.

    4. Is there a separate charge for children?

      Please see the price for children. Children below the age of eight are free.

    5. What time does the group meet?

      Between 9;45 PM and 11:15 PM. Every time we will have 25 people we will launch a group.

    6. How long is the tour?

      Depending upon when you arrive, the duration of tour will last two hours if you come at 10 PM or 45 minutes if you come at 11:15 PM. If you come at a time in-between, the duration of course will vary accordingly.

    7. Is there a maximum group size?

      25 people per group. Okay we might fudge 1 or 2 to keep couples and friends together. As soon as we have 25 people we will launch a tour group.

    8. How experienced are the guides?

      Each group of 25 is lead by an experienced guide.

    9. Can I bring my dog?

      There are no restrictions on pets using the Brooklyn Bridge.

    10. Also about how far is the total walk?

      One and half miles. The bridge itself is a mile long.

    11. Is the tour handicap friendly?

      When the bridge was restored to celebrate its 100th anniversary, it was made wheel-chair accessible. There are raised plaques that illustrate the history of the bridge at the various towers. The raised writing is in regular English style.

    12. Se habla Espanol? Zu reden Deutsch? Parlez-vous Francais? Do you speak my language?

      We do have guides that speak various languages and upon request we will do our best to match you with a guide that speaks your language.

    13. Do you have any connection with Dr. Phil?

      Oh, you mean the other Dr. Phil, Phil McGraw, of TV fame, the TV psychological guru. Dr. Philip Schoenberg, a college history professor, with a Ph.D., is the organizer of Dr. Phil's New York Talks and Walks. He and Phil McGraw have an agreement. Dr. McGraw does his TV show in Los Angeles while Dr. Schoenberg does walking tours in New York City.

    14. Will you cancel the tour in event of inclement weather?

      No. We will do the tour regardless.

    15. Do you give refunds?

      We have a no questions asked refund policy before 11:59 PM, December 28. This means you must e-mail us at or telephone us at (888) 377-4455 before the time stipulated with the ticket #.

    16. Do you give a refund if I am a no-show?

      No but we will give you a credit toward our next New Year’s Eve Tour.

    17. How safe is the bridge?

      NYC already is the safest big city in America. Where this is lots of people, there is little crime. You are safer on the bridge than in your neighborhood back home! Not only that, you are right near New York Police Department headquarters and City Hall!

    18. When should you purchase tickets?

      You should purchase your tickets as early as possible so that we can plan for your arrival. We welcome last-minute show-ups!

  • 19. How is parking?

    Parking on the street is available after 7 PM. If you are a fraidy cat, you can park in nearby commercial garages for $20 or so.

  • 20. Is it there any cheap bar to eat, at least, a hamburger with a coke before midnight?

    At McDonald's where we meet is open 24 hours seven days per week.

  • 21. Does the tour include dancing as well?

    No, but you are free to express yourself.

  • Schedule of Tours

    As soon as we have 25 people in a group, we will launch. We will be doing this throughout the evening. Since we have nine guides, we will launch tours at different times between 10:15 PM and 11:15 PM. If we have enough people, we will start earlier. For those that are really late, we will have the last one at 11:30 PM. For 2012, we actually launched our first tour at 9:45 PM!
  • Meeting Location

    The meeting point is in front of McDonald's, 160 Broadway between Cortlandt and Liberty Streets.

  • Affordable Private Tours

    Have you own private tour for New Year's Eve at a discount price. For $300, a group of six can have its own private tour with every additional person at $35. You can arrange to have dinner before hand or we can meet you at a convenient location of your choosing.

  • How do you get there by mass transit?

  • How can we get there by mass transit?

    The 1 train hopefully be running!

    Wall Street for the 2, 3, 4, 5 leaves people a little closer and at a less confusing station than at Fulton.

    Change at Brooklyn Bridge from the 6 to the 4,5.

    J to Broad Street, but if it's a weekend schedule they'll have to change at Brooklyn Bridge to the 4, 5.

    N and R trains stop at Courtlandt Street.

    The M5 bus goes right down Broadway.

    The M20 cuts through Battery Park City; you'd have to get off before it turns west on Chambers.

    You should check the site for up-to-date mass transit information.

    PATH trains will be running all night long to 33rd Street. To minimize walking, I suggest you take it to 33rd Street, where you can connect to the R subway train. Take that to Cortlandt Street and you're a block away from the meeting location. Afterwards, if you walk back to Manhattan, there is an uptown R station the Broadway side of City Hall Park you could take back to 33rd. If you go to Brooklyn you could take the A train to West 4th Street and walk 5 blocks up 6th Avenue to the 9th Street PATH station. There are other options but these are the most efficient.

  • Contact Information

    Telephone numbers:
    (888) 377-4455
    (718) 591-4741
    (646) 493-7012


  • Can we walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for free?

    The Brooklyn Bridge is open to the public any time to walk across except for part of July 4th when it closed by the city. All we do is that our guides provide expert commentary to add to your enjoyment of the walk when you take our tour.

  • Tips for your tour guide are always appreciated.

    Contact Dr. Schoenberg For a Tour at
    (646) 493-7092
    65-45 Parsons Blvd., Apt. 4L
    Flushing, NY 11365
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