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 Saturday, December 31, 2011 

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  • We do the Ghost Walks Rain or Shine or Snow!

    Historical events happened in all sorts of weather. We never cancel walk because of the weather unless it is a problem of the magnitude of Hurricane Irene!

    If it should snow, the streets and sidewalks will be clear. The New York Department of Sanitation does an excellent job of making the bridge safe to walk on. We look forward that you will have a great time!

  • There are Many Walks!

    We will have 16 walks launched at different times between 10:15 PM and 11:15 PM. Make sure you come early to maximize your tour time and avoid disappointment because you came too late.

  • 17th Annual Brooklyn Bridge Walk into the New Year

    Walks beginning between 10:15 PM and 11:15 PM ending at midnight New Year’s Eve, Saturday, 31 December 2011. We have 10 guides which means 10 walks with the last walk leaving at 11:15 PM.

    NYC’s best tour guides will lead you around the City Hall area and the Brooklyn Bridge to learn little known facts about the 19th century’s greatest technical marvel.

    In-person processing at the site begins at 9:45 PM. Multiple walks will be launched between 10:15 PM and 11:15 PM. If enough people come early, we may even launch at 10 PM!

    Presented by Dr. Phil’s New York Talks and Walks

    Telephone (888) 377-4455 to speak to a live person or go-on-line to save by prepaying via credit card.

    Meeting Location: Outside McDonald's Restaurant, 160 Broadway between Liberty and Courtlandt Streets, New York City.

  • Will there be fire works?

    If history repeats itself, fireworks will be visible from Central Park, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey as well as the Empire State Building light show.

    According to several websites, the main event will by the Statue of Liberty this year.

  • How long is the tour?

    If you come at 10:15 PM, 1 hour 45 minutes;

    if you come at 11:15 PM, 45 minutes;

    if you come in-between, the time is in-between.

  • Please pay here on line for Adults

    You can still pay cash $50 per person.

    We stopped taking credit cards at 6 PM, December 31.
  • Please pay here on line for Children

    You can still pay cash $40 per child ages 6 to 18

    We stopped taking credit cards at 6 PM, December 31.
  • There are Many Walks!

    Registration is at 9:45 PM. As people show up, we will launch a group on twenty on a walk. At the moment we have 160 people registered and we will have a guide for each group of 18 to 22 people. Therefore we will be launching eleven tours between 10:15 PM and 11:15 PM. If we have 20 people before 10:15 PM, we will launch a group. Please do not practice just in time! Why not come a few minute early to go to the use the facilities at McDonald's and enjoy a snack before you take the tour.
  • Meeting Location

    Meeting Location: Outside McDonald's Restaurant, 160 Broadway between Liberty and Courtlandt Streets, New York City several blocks below City Hall Park.

    McDonald's is open 24 hours per day. You can eat there, use the bathroom there, and simply wait there.

  • Getting there by Mass Transit

    The A, J, Z, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Subways stop at Fulton Street/Broadway/Nassau Street/William Street Station.

    You can take the A, C or E train and the Path train to the World Trade Center Station. You will have to walk!

    Allow yourself plenty of time. The MTA will be running less trains than usual in order to save money so you will have to wait longer.

  • Getting there by Automobile

    The Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel are close by. Traffic will be relatively light based upon past experience but allow yourself plenty of time to get there.

  • Please allow yourself time to get there.

    Just because something looks close together on the map does not mean it easy to get to. There are unexpected traffic jams and unanticpated mass transit delays. Mass transit will be less frequent so you can count on longer waits and more crowded conditions than on regular work days. Whatever time you plan to take the tour, get there 15 minutes earlier just in case. If you want to take the last tour at 11:15 PM, come at 11 PM. If we have enough time, we may launch as early as 10 PM as soon we have enough people 15 to 20, for a tour group.

    Please do not practice just in time! Why not come a few minute early to go to the use the facilities at McDonald's and enjoy a snack before you take the tour.

  • Will there be enough guides?

    We anticipate between 150 and 200 people will be taking our walk. You will be part of a small group experience between 15 and 22 people. By prepaying by credit card, you save money, and we know how many people are coming.

  • Photo Contest

    We are offering a first prize of $100, 2nd prize of $50, and a third prize of $25 for best e-photographs of a resolution of 200 or higher of the walk.

    The contest is open to all vendors, tour guides, and customers!

    Please send all e-photographs by January 15, 2011 to

    Photographs will be judged by an independent photograph professional. All photographs submitted will become property of New York Talks and Walks and may be used for publicity purposes.

    Winners will be announced on January 31, 2011.

    Submit all photos to

  • After the Event

    Our guides will stay with you even after midnight to continue the tour, to guide you off the bridge or get you safely to the subway.

  • Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. How do we get our tickets?

    You print out the confirmation of your purchase order on line as your ticket. In addition, we will keep a list of people that have prepaid before 6 PM New Year's Eve.

    2. Do we get an actual ticket?

    Your e-mail receipt will serve as your ticket.

    We will also do our best to up-to-date list of people that have prepaid by credit card.

    3. Why take the tour with you instead of walking over the bridge by ourselves?

    As one person wrote, "I have done the Brookyln Bridge Walk on New Year's Eve and it is good family-friendly fun. It's not just a walk over the Bridge, you get a professional tour guide giving you fun facts and the history about the bridge and the area around City Hall.... The groups are about 15 people to one tour guide. Also we got a voucher for a hot drink and bakery item to have when we checked in and waited to go out. Yes, you can walk over the bridge by yourself that night, but it was fun to share it with a large group."

    4. We are worried about transport to hotel at night, can't decide, I'm with a child and won't go back by subway. Do you have an alternative?

    First of all, subways are perfectly safe -- no more dangerous or less dangerous than being above ground.

    I would check for frequency of bus service by contacting information services of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).

    There are taxis. You could make arrangements with radio taxi by telephone so you don't have to worry about hailing a cab.

    5. Can we walk our dog over the Brooklyn Bridge?

    The Brooklyn Bridge is dog-friendly. Pets of all kind are welcome to walk over the bridge. Back in 1884, P. T. Barnum walked 21 elephants over the bridge to show how safe it was as a publicity gimmick for his circus. The year before there had been a panick when people thought the bridge was falling down. People injured themsels in a rush to get off the bridge.

    6. Will be the bridge be closed for New Year's Eve?

    Except for a few hours before the July 4th fireworks, the bridge is open 24 hours per day.

    7. Are there tolls to pay when you walk across the bridge?

    From 1883 to 1911, there were tolls for people of a penny per person (equivalent to a quarter today) up to ten cents for automobiles and horse riders. Since 1911, the bridge has been free. For the past few years, either the mayor or the City Council has proposed putting tolls back on the East River bridges.

    8. How safe is it to walk across the bridge?

    The crime rate is low. You do have to watch out for bikers and skaters that may stray into the pedestrian traffic aisle or that you stray into their lane. If snowfall should occur, the snow is quickly removed and the walkways are salted down.

    9. Will there be people on the bridge?

    People walk across the bridge all the time.

    10. Can I walk across the bridge by myself?

    Of course. We are offering a service for people that want to enjoy themselves.

    11. Can I drink something alcoholic on the bridge?

    Officially no. The police have better things to do. Although we do not provide alcoholic beverages of any kind, you can bring your own.

    12. How long is the walk?

    The bridge is a mile long. We are five blocks away from the bridge. If you take the early walk at 10:15 PM, we will also do part of the City Hall Park on the way to the bridge. The tour would then last 1 hour 45 minutes. If you take the 11:15 tour, the walk most likely then cover about 3/4 of a mile in 45 minutes. In all walks, we try to get you into optimal viewing position just before the fireworks begin.

    13. Will I see fireworks?

    Based upon past experience, we should be able to see fireworks from several locations from New Jersey, Manhattan Island, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and elsewhere. However, there is no guarantee as where the fireworks will be placed and set off.

    14. Is there an age limit?

    We have no age limits on how old or how young you are to walk the bridge.

    15. Is there a special price for children?

    No. We have one family price for all. Children under 8 years of age are free.

    16. Why is it cheaper by credit card than paying cash to take a tour?

    This way you can have a small group experience because we will be able to anticipate public demand by knowing how many guides we need to provide.

    17. When is the last tour?

    For the absolute late comers, we plan on 11:15 PM. After that, we will no longer have any guides available.

    18. Will I get the same time devoted to a tour when I get there later a opposed to someone who took it earlier?

    The later you arrive, the less time you have to spend on the tour. We are leaving later so less information provided in the time that remains.

    19. Is the bridge handicap accessible?

    During the 1983 centennial celebration of the opening of the bridge, the walkway was made wheel-chair accessible. Keith Godard designed metal placards of raised illustrations and raised letters that can be felt by the blind that tell the history of the blind.

  • Affordable Private Tours

    Have you own private tour for New Year's Eve at a discount price. For $300, a group of six can have its own private tour with every additional person at $35. You can arrange to have dinner before hand or we can meet you at a convenient location of your choosing. Contact our sales office at (718) 591-4741.

  • Parking

    You should be able to find parking on the street for your car after 7 PM. Just read the signs carefully! If you cannot find parking on the street, you can always pay for parking at a commercial parking lot.

  • Brooklyn subway stations close to the bridge

    High Street – Brooklyn Bridge is a station on the IND Eighth Avenue Line of the New York City Subway. Located at the intersection of High Street and Cadman Plaza East in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, it is served by the A train at all times and the C train at all times except late nights. It is near Cranberry and Henry Streets.

    The Clark Street station (2 3 trains). still operates inside the Hotel itself, right before the main door leading to the no longer operating Ballroom and check-in.

    Coming off the Brooklyn side of the bridge: I definitely do not recommend taking the long walk past the stairs on the bridge as this will add half an hour to your walk. Take the stairs and make three left turns and you can avoid the park. The A and C trains at High Street are definitely the closest and the St. George 2 and 3 trains are accessible as well.

  • Taxis

    I have bought two tickets for the New Year walk with the Brooklyn Bridge,I would like to know where is the end of the tour cause I'm going to reserve a car to come to take us at the end of the tour cause I think taxis will be very difficult to find cause many people will want to have a taxi!Can you give me this information? Because I could give it to cab station!

    Your tour will end in the middle of the bridge. The easiest way for the taxi to find you is on the Manhattan side at 38 Park Row between Park Row Deli and Starbucks between Spruce and Beekman Streets opposite City Hall Park. Ask the tour guide to point it out to you during the course of theour. It should take you 15 minutes walk back to the location but allow another 15 minutes for crowds. On Fri, 23 Dec 2011 17:41:01 0100, gaelle coine wrote:

  • Eating Out

    My husband ,myself and two teenage kids are thinking of taking the New Years eve walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. What do you suggest as a place to eat before hand. I don't know the area. I'd appreciate your help.

    There are two places that are open for: The Mcdonalds where we will meet and and is of course inexpensive:
    160 Broadway
    24 hours

    Au Bonne Pan,on Broadway, across the street from St. Paul'sChapel. Very inexpensive, food is good. Just check times and dates when it's open.
    Au Bon Pan
    222 Broadway
    New York, NY 10038
    Phone: 212-962-8453
    Mon-Fri 24 HOURS Fri: Close at 9PM
    Sat 7:00 - 9:00
    Sun 7:00 - 0:00

    There are a couple of places at South Street Seaport, on Maiden Lane, east of William Street, and some others south of the WTC site, near the hotel. You can also eat in Chiantown. But we have no idea if they'll be open. But you will have to telephone to see if they are open.

  • Tips for your tour guide are always appreciated.

    Contact Dr. Schoenberg For a Tour at
    (646) 493-7092
    65-45 Parsons Blvd., Apt. 4L
    Flushing, NY 11365
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